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Working in iPad, creating Procreate art. I wanted to create an illustrative character for a storybook based on a most popular trending topic, unicorns. This is my character titled, “Unicorn Hugo“.

A boy unicorn that loves riding his makeshift scooter down Rainbow Road. He is an odd looking unicorn with red yarn like curly main hair and red main tail. I decided to give him a unique pointed unicorn horn that is swirly-green with red top dot, on top. Lol! to prevent from poking others, I guess.

Procreate Art

Default Procreate brushes I used:

  • Artist-Crayon in Sketching Brushes
  • Ink-Bleed in Inking Brushes

What’s nice about Procreate App for iPad is you can create layers on top of layers. But the disadvantage is, the bigger your size file, you would have to merge down and flatten layers to continue adding more layers for details.

Unicorn Hugo is created with a size of 3000 by 3000 pixels. The Artist-crayon Procreate texture-brush creates a crayon-like background I was going for.

Here is a time-lapse video creating “Unicorn Hugo in Procreate App.

3 Main Digital Drawing Tools I Use:

  • iPad Pro I use the 10.5 but now there is 11″ and 12.9″ size tablets now.
  • Procreate App You can purchase within iPad Pro tablet for $9.99 one time price.
  • Apple Pencil for drawing in Procreate or other compatible stylus pen.

If you are curious and interested on how to draw or create in iPad with the Procreate App and creating your illustrative Artworks. I recommend watching “How to Draw in Procreate Easy” by Lisa Bardot.

Please let me know what you think of my character concept of “Unicorn Hugo” for a children’s storybook.

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