Digital Illustrations in Procreate

Procreate Digital Illustration Kepuha the Ko’ko

I decided that I was going to make my first rough-draft procreate digital illustration of one of my storybook animal bird character. This is Kepuha the Ko’ko Bird. Something I had in mind for quite some time now. One of my dreams is to write my first children’s picture book.

I do admit, I have a knack for writing out children’s storybook characters as a one-page form of illustrative artwork. Well, you see, he is inspired by the ko’ko bird, a flightless bird that is native to my homeland, the tropical island of Guam.

And partly, based on a real ancestral ancient Chamorro chief from long ago. This digital illustration is done on my iPad Pro. This was not made possible for me until I discovered the Procreate App! Kepuha the Ko’ko Bird was created and brought to life!

Kepuha Ko’ko dreams of flying just like other birds do. He does feel left out and lonely.

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