Procreate Watercolor and Ink Nightly Owlings

It’s a Tuesday! And I like how my Procreate watercolor and ink illustration for October Halloween theme, worked out just fine for me. The title of my illustration is called “Nightly Owlings”. In order to create my illustration I concentrated working with Procreate watercolor, ink, and grain-effect brushes but mostly watercolor with ink bleed brush.

3 Main Digital Drawing Tools I Use:

I like to work with odd numbers in clusters, who want’s to be a lonely owl in this illustration or in real life right? I used several hues of soft browns and light pink for blush on owl faces. I did not focus on perfection. But just in case, for your information, there is an erase-feature within Procreate App you can use to fix or clean up your work. See image on right.

Procreate App has awesome erase feature.

Procreate Watercolor

NOTE: If you don’t have an iPad Pro, you can still do this without an iPad. Just use watercolor paper you can get at any Joann’s, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any arts and craft stores in your area. I will be posting on traditional watercolor and ink illustration methods in the near future.

But for this post, this is what I did on my iPad Pro using the Procreate App. I use an Apple Pencil to draw and illustrate my work. The Procreate App is affordable and cost only $9.99 one time. Whoo-hoo! and no subscription cost.

NOTE: I got a FREE set of Procreate watercolor brushes through Liz Kohler Brown and they are really good. But in order to get this set, I took her Skillshare class Digital Watercolors on Your iPad Using Procreate.

But really, you can do this cheaply with traditional watercolor and ink illustration methods. Here is a basic list of supplies.

  • Watercolor Paint Palette
  • Watercolor paper
  • watercolor brush set
  • Ink pens: You can use Pigma Micron archival ink #01 and or Faber-Castell PITT artist pen BLACK 199***.

NOTE: Best to use ink pens that produce thin lines for outlining your illustrations.

Creating Procreate Watercolor & Ink illustration

My method and how I started.

  1. Draw out each owl on separate layer with a medium-round watercolor brush using Apple Pencil.
  2. Using same waterolor brush, apply pink color for blush on cheek area on owls face.
  3. Then outline your owlings with black or sepia color thin-line size using the (Ink-Bleed brush) under (Inking Brushes) in Procreate App.
  4. Next, I used the medium-round watercolor brush again, to add cream-white spot-effect behind each owling.
  5. For texture on owls I used the “CrossCross Country CrossHatchers for Procreate” (Rough 45 Right 11 brush). You can get these from Retro Supply Co.
  6. Lastly, I used from the “Mid Century Pack” the (RSCo Grain II brush) to add black speckled effect around the outer parts of area of the orange background.

This wraps it up for now! I hope you enjoy my Procreate watercolor and ink “Nightly Owlings” October Halloween theme illustration.

“Nightly Owlings”

If you are interested in seeing another example illustration using Procreate watercolor brushes check out my previous post “Procreate Drawing Orange Tabby Cat Happy Halloween“.

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