Procreate Drawing Tips A Catty Bear Christmas

Procreate Drawing Tips A Catty Bear Christmas

Today, in this post I would like to share with you several Procreate drawing tips that I have learned in my journey as an artist and illustrator. Additionally, because it’s the Christmas holiday season I am also sharing with you my latest illustration “A Catty Bear Christmas”. I hope you like it.

Many years back when I started using digital illustration software I found it intimidating. Regardless, I continued to practice anyway and it’s starting to get a whole lot easier. With my huge learning curve, I wanted to save money while building my illustration skills but Adobe’s monthly subscription is still bothersome for me to spend. Since having my iPad Pro I discovered the Procreate App.

I have adapted to creating digital illustrations more frequently now and because it’s so easy to pick up my iPad and be creative anywhere in my home. By the way, for your information the Procreate App from iPad only cost $9.99 one-time. This is why I like it so much. Some advantages working digitally, less overhead cost for me and I save my illustration work on a cloud. I use DropBox.

For those of you beginners like me. Here are some Procreate drawing tips I use and “How The Pros Use Procreate“.

Procreate Drawing Tips

  • Alpha Lock: is a great tool for adding textures, colors, and shadows to a separate shape on it’s own layer.
Procreate Drawing Tips Alpha Lock
  • Clipping Mask: With this feature you will need a seperate layer. Clipping mask are good for adding details. You can do this without affecting the original layer. See YouTube video below “How to Use Clipping Masks in Procreate.

  • Zoom: This feature is used to work up close and create great lines and details. Here is a short YouTube video below on how to zoom and navigate your canvas in Procreate.

  • Gestures: Working with your fingers comes in handy when working in Procreate. You can undo or redo your work just by apply the “Two or Three Finger” Tap. You can find your gesture controls under Prefs tab within Actions dashboard.
Procreate Gesture Controls

  • QuickLine and QuickShape: You can quickly get creative by drawing straight lines and shapes. This is great for beginners to get a feel of creating simple shapes. Press down and hold your Apple Pencil for quick pause and you will get perfect lines and shapes every time.
Procreate QuickLine QuickShape
  • TimeLapse: The Procreate App automatically records your work. You can actually go back and review your steps and improve if necessary. You can even create animated gifs with this feature.
Procreate Exporting to PSD
  • Exporting as PSD: Working on your iPad is portable and mobile. You can export your work as a PSD file. Open your work in other Illustration or animation software. Therefore, you can continue to work from your desktop.

I hope these few Procreate drawing tips help you understand this iPad app a little better and I hope that you enjoyed my Procreate digital illustration of “A Catty Bear Christmas”.

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