Procreate Drawing Orange Tabby Cat Happy Halloween!

Happy Monday! Time for another Procreate drawing to share with you. Yesterday, on Sunday, I spent time creating several illustrations in order to brush up on my Procreate digital illustration skills. And adding to my growing collection of illustrative drawings and artwork to my portfolio.

Somehow cats, bats, and spiders seem to be the norm for the Halloween season in October. Here is an orange tabby-cat sitting in the corner playfully on a black pumpkin theme rug. He has three colorful balls of yarn and a bowl of milk for his playtime. The little black bat peeks through the window and the little black spider is just hanging around. Popular colors for Halloween themes are usually orange, green, purple, and black.

Procreate Drawing

I challenged myself to work with watercolor and Gouache brushes and this is my result. I like how the gray watercolor brush helps create some dimness in the room. One of the features within this App is making straight lines, like what I show here to make a layout of a room. It’s fun to make pieces of objects to move around within the Procreate App. Now, within this App you can add text to your Procreate drawings and illustrations.

Want to see another Halloween theme illustration? Check out my other Procreate art “Catty Bear and The Zombie Mouse Critters.

If you are interested in learning how to use the Procreate App. I recommend learning from Lisa Bardot Intro to Procreate Learning to draw on the iPad.

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