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Procreate Artwork

It’s that time! for show and tell! Sharing with you today my digital illustration. And adding to my portfolio of procreate artwork for the month of October. Let’s celebration a series of all things “Cute Halloween”.

This is my latest digital illustration. Again, I practice my illustrations using the Procreate App on my iPad Pro 10.5. Here is a storybook character I titled, “So Batty This Katty”. I am drawn to creating character concepts for children’s story books. This is similar to my other character, Catty bear.

Cats come naturally to me but love them from a distance. Me an my brother and twin sister had lots of cats around the house when we were kids, thanks to my dad allowing us to have cats and dogs around the house.

Well, “So Batty This Katty” is of course, half bat and half cat. She goes meowooling! and flying through the night in celebration of Halloween. Who says Halloween has to be scary bad! Hence, cute Halloween is here to bring good scary thrills and chills for children.

This time, I chose digital colors in orange, smokey co-bolt blue, purple hues, and black. I use my default Procreate “Ink Bleed” brush and the “Essential Procreate Brush Bundle” from Retro Supply Co.

I wanted this illustration to feel like midnight under the blood-orange, full moon and having her fly by some blackened, pine-brushed trees. I decided to give her bright glowing green eyes and grinning smile that reminds be of the Cheshire cats in Alice in Wonderland.

“So Batty This Katty” wears black mask with matching suit and she is a purple, somewhat hairless cat. I tried to express this with a cross-hatched procreate brush that gives a blotchy look. so, she kinda has cat hair.

I hope you enjoyed my digital illustration for the month of October, in celebration of “Cute Halloween” series of Procreate artwork.

If you wish, you can check out another of my digital illustration in Procreate “Funky Tropical Carabaos in Pajamas”.

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