Procreate Art Catty Bear and The Zombie Mouse Critters

It’s a Monday! And I would like to share with you another Procreate art done in iPad, for the month of October. Halloween time is here and I would like to introduce to you, “Catty Bear and The Zombie Mouse Critters”. Catty Bear is an original character concept I created and I decided to add more fun by illustrating Catty Bear in an October Halloween theme for this month.

And what more! since he regularly likes to wear a black bear costume for his love of black bears and his ancestral heritage back on Black Bear’s Island. As always he has to have his blue ball of yarn with him everywhere he goes.

It’s a starry-night out on Halloween and as he takes his usual neighborhood stroll, What do you know! Along comes three Zombie! Mouse Critters! that look like orange pumpkins. Harmless little things to Catty Bear.

One of the techniques I used is Alpha Lock to create the spot illustration. I used a granular Gouache brush to create starry nigh sky. I hope you enjoy my Monday October Halloween theme for Procreate Artwork. This is done using my iPad Pro 10.5, Procreate App, and the Apple Pencil for drawing.

If you would like to learn how to use the Procreate App, I highly recommend learning from Lisa Bardot Intro to Procreate Learning to Draw on The iPad.

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