How To Import A Sketch Into Procreate App on iPad

How To Import A Sketch Into Procreate App Tutorial

Hello everyone, this is a Procreate App tutorial on how to import a sketch into this drawing app. Procreate is a drawing app made specifically to work with Apple’s iPad.

Procreate drawing app works with iPad mini 5th generation up to iPad 12.9 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations. Also, I use the Apple pencil but iPad 11″ inch and 12.9″ inch works with only, the Apple pencil 2nd generation.

How I Import My Sketch Into Procreate App on iPad

In this post, and specifically direct you to my YouTube channel. I will show you my video on how I upload a photo into the Procreate App on my iPad Pro. Importing within Procreate also automatically creates a layer for you. You can even select a part of your sketch or drawing and copy and paste into a new layer.

I continue to show you how to resize your imported sketch, move, and lower opacity to rework existing sketch and improve illustration, adding color on new layer.

Procreate has pre-installed, a great collection of Procreate brushes you can work with. I like working with the Nariander Pencil brush for my new layer to create new improved illustration of my character. You can also check out some unique Procreate brushes from Creative Market.

In my process of working within Procreate drawing app I will also show you how I navigate within choosing colors from built in color pallette. I continue to grow with my digital illustration skills. Working on a iPad tablet is way different from working on canvas, water-color papers, and or mixed media papers. The more I practice, I can only improve and so, can you too.

Tip: You Can Use Smudge Tool To Soften and Smooth Out Colors.

You can adjust brush size, I will show you how and I am working with watercolor brush and more. Showing how to zoom in on your work. I really like Procreate Brushes from Retro Supply Co. Here I choose a brush from from the Mid-Century Pack, fine Goauche brush.

Check out my whole process on my Procreate App tutorial on my YouTube Channel. How To Import A Sketch Into Procreate App on iPad.

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