Illustration in Procreate My Little Reindeer Friend

Illustrations in Procreate Reindeer Friend

It’s another fine day working on my illustrations in the Procreate App. I continue to work on creating a collective of holiday theme illustrations for December 2019. I am excited to share with you what I produced today. My challenge was to create a winter scene with more details and textures. Adding person’s, places, and things to my illustration.

This digital illustration is titled “My Little Reindeer Friend.” I am pretty much in the habit of creating storybook themes. I used a few vintage style brushes from the Gouache Shader Pack and the Dry Brush Pack to create this winter holiday scene. You can find these Procreate brush sets and bundle packs at: Retro Supply Company.

Tip for Creating Illustration In Procreate

When I want to draw an animal I search Google for images to get an idea how my reindeer should look. I usually bring image files into my iPad Pro tablet. This makes it easier to work with the image. I create according to my signature style artwork. Procreate is easy to clean up. Especially when you make mistakes you can quickly undo and then restart your work over. You can even use the eraser tool instead.

Fawn Deers

Working In Procreate App

My little girl character is wearing a bright red elf hat. My reindeer is original and quirky looking with shorter legs. I used a dry wood brush to create a wind effect in light blue color. I also used a Gouache brush to illustrate the pine tree in bright green. Who say’s you can’t have an outdoor Christmas tree all decked out for this holiday season.

Illustration in Procreate App

Here is my image of me working in Procreate App. You can see all my layers that I have. To add more layers within your canvas. You must merge down in order to add more layers to work with. This depends on how detailed your digital illustration is.

This wraps it up! I hope you enjoyed my winter scene for this holiday season.

Interested in another example of my Procreate art? Check out “Winter Basics.”

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