Illustration in Procreate Little Carabao Wants To Be A Reindeer

Illustration in Procreate He Wants to Be A Reindeer

Illustration in Procreate App is getting easier. However, I still have more to learn in applying textures and color combinations. For this Holiday season I am producing a creative collection of Holiday Christmas theme illustrative artworks. The more I practice, I will get better and better.

I decided to create another story book character theme for this December 2019. This one is titled, “I Want to Be A Reindeer!” Little carabao is from the magical island of Guam. A tropical place in the Pacific ocean. Every time Christmas rolls around he can’t help but to act just like a reindeer.

This time, creating little carabao illustration in Procreate was a little challenging. I did this one, in a bit of a hurry and could have done more work on it. But since this digital illustration is a rough sketch idea for a possible future book. I couldn’t wait to share with you all my cute ideas.

Guam does have tropical pine trees but I instead, I went for a coconut tree for this sample for children’s book illustration. And of course, what more than a coconut palm tree with three bright red, round ornaments hanging from it.

As usual, within the Procreate App I create separate layers. I produced a background spot effect with an artist-crayon texture. The Procreate canvas size I chose to work with is a 1080 x 1080 pxl for Instagram posts.

Did you know, you can even add text to your illustration in Procreate? For now, I prefer to do my text in my own hand writing. I like to create that child-like feel to how children write at the elementary level. LOL! Well, anyway, my handwriting is not neat and can easily produce this children’s writing style typography.

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