Procreate Digital Illustration Tropical Valley Carabao July 21 2019

Digital Illustration in Procreate Tropical Valley Carabao

This next digital illustration in procreate is inspired by an animal called a carabao. Sometimes, called water buffalo’s that most likely came from the phillipines to the island of Guam, long time ago. I know that carabao’s are not naturally a light purple-color but this is my theme of Jen’s art stories. Hence, my website name.

I don’t profess to call myself an expert yet, but my journey into illustration is improving. Children’s story book illustrations are full of not so anatomically correct animals, peoples, and things. Purple carabao is taking her daily leisurely stroll in the tropical valley.

Her eyes are characteristic of my most signature style of how I like to illustrate eye movement in direction. In this way, she is looking back or to the side. In this digital illustration she is observing as she walks along the path on the valley floor. I had drawn in big stick like trees with texture that really are inspired by the look of banana leaves.

I did not spend a whole lot of time with this illustrative artwork because I happen to just doodle this in Procreate App. It was really one of my practice sessions and I think, how much time should I spend, like hours on one digital illustration? I admit, the Pink-colored mountains needs more defining with texture.

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