The Owl Boy Original Illustrative Painting October 2014

Cute October Halloween Painting Owl Boy

Here is another cute October Halloween painting. I did this awhile back and I want to share with you in celebration of all things cute Halloween series of illustrative artwork. Again, this one I bring out every year. This one is titled “Owl Boy”. I really like the stenciled background I chose, which is a cheesecloth pattern that suits the Halloween theme.

“Owl Boy” is all ready for trick or treating in his black owl costume and pumpkin pail in hand. I did not want to take away from the Owl mask costume, which had big owl eyes. And the boy had a simple face with a blissful smile. Doing this draws my eyes up to the owl mask, like it was really an owl dressed up as a boy, hence the title of my painting, “Owl Boy”.

Acrylic paint colors I used are, orange, green, purple, cobalt blue, black, and white. Sometimes, I purposely add criss-crossed scratched marks with my pencil to add some roughness to add texture on the surface of my canvas on side of my owl boy character.

Tip: You can paint sides of canvas black to frame your painting.

This is it for now, I hope you enjoy this illustrative painting. I will have more illustrations posted soon. Down below, is a list of supplies, if you are interested in creating your very own illustrative painting on canvas.

Supplies for Cute Halloween Painting

Wirehanger and Eyehooks for hanging your painting. I got these at HomeDepot.
  • 8×10″ by 1.5″ inch thick sides Canvas.
  • Acrylic paints – Liquitex basics or Artist Loft.
  • Wire and Eye hooks – Home Depot.
  • Spray or liquid, non-yellowing varnish sealer, to protect and seal painting.
  • Plastic stencil – Michaels
  • Acrylic paint brushes

I usually find these art painting supplies at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and or Joanns. Wire and Eye hooks, I always find at Home Depot.

Interested in another example of my cute Halloween paintings for October theme? check out “The Count Kitty 123“.


  • Cathy

    This painting first made me think you were playing on the mythical owl man. I saw a movie about him. It was weird. Your work is very cute like it should be on the cover of Highlights or something. It reminds me of basic cross stitch. Thanks for sharing!

  • sasha

    My nephews are sooo in love with those paintings and now they are making a list of the tools they need so they can make some. it is nice to find something that children can actually engage with and be passionate about to a degree that makes them forget about their video games. thank you Jennifer, great work.

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