The Count Kitty October Hallween 2015

Cute Halloween Paintings The Count Kitty 123

I wanted to share with you one of my cute Halloween paintings that I have done awhile back in 2015. For those that celebrate Halloween time. So far, every year during October for Halloween I decorate and bring out for display one of my original paintings titled, “The Count Kitty 123“. At the time, I wanted to do something different than my usual cultural signature style and broaden my illustrative skills on canvas.

M wacky illustration of “The Count Kitty” is child like and I did not care for perfection. I incorporated mixed media using acrylic paints, paint markers, pens, and collage papers. I even used cheesecloth stencil for background. I have cobweb hanging down from the corner. Crescent moon is happy and smiling and little black spider hangs in there for the moment.

“The Count Kitty” is dapper looking with his plaid jacket, orange bow-tie, and cape-like cloak. He has a makeshift umbrella top hat contraption to keep him out of the rain. Again. Count Kitty is in disguise with a black mask over his observing eyes. I was inspired by little toddler picture books for counting numbers.

I just went at it! by handwriting in paint marker, again nothing perfect. This was created for my first, in what I call the “Cute Halloween Series”. I hope you enjoy this illustrative painting and here is a list of supplies I used to create this cute Halloween painting.

Wirehanger and Eyehooks for hanging your painting. I got these at HomeDepot.

Keep in mind, I always paint the sides of my canvas in black to give a modern framed look and add a wire hanger from eye hooks on back of my paintings. That way, my customers can hang them right out of the box.

Supplies for Cute Halloween Paintings

  • 8×10″ by 1.5″ thick sides Canvas.
  • Acrylic paints – Liquitex basics or Artist Loft.
  • Paint Markers – thick and thin sizes.
  • Clear non-yellowing clear spray varnish to seal canvas.
  • Wire and Eye hooks for hanging your painting. I found these at Home Depot.
  • Acid free collage papers.
  • Plastic Stencil – Michaels.

Here is another example of my cute Halloween paintings. This one titled “Owl Boy“.

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