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Jennifer Sablan Andrade Island Time Magazine October to December 2011

Hello and Welcome, my name is Jennifer Sablan-Andrade

Besides other online ventures. I am a self-taught artist and I love creating illustrative artwork. Some of my first works, are inspired by my native Chamorro cultural heritage from the beautiful and tropical island of Guam.

Jen Art Stories in Life on Guam Island Time Magazine October to December 2011

My journey as an entrepreneurial artist really started back in 2009. I had a moment, like an epiphany, when other stay-at-home mom’s and other women where creating and selling their artwork online on eBay and Etsy. I started with acrylics on canvas because it’s fast to dry. Eventually, I started showcasing my original paintings and printed products such as note cards in local art shows. Soon I was gaining recognition for my work and landed on front cover of the Island Time magazine. However, written in Japanese, I was thrilled! Even a second page written in English.

Jennifer Sablan Andrade Island Time Magazine Page 2

My work is sometimes whimsical with child-like themes, flowers, botanical, animals with human abilities, womanhood, family, and more. Lately, in the now, I create most of my illustrative artwork digitally on tablet. Procreate and Affinity Designer Apps are what I use to create most of my beautiful and cute illustrations on my iPad Pro 10.5. However, from time to time, I still create hand-drawn illustrations using acrylics, gouache, watercolor, and ink.


If you are an aspiring artist illustrator or just starting out. What you will get here, from me, is helpful hand drawn illustrative tips, digital illustration techniques using Procreate & Affinity Designer Apps. I will also introduce curated product suggestions that will help you develop your drawing and digital illustration skills along the way.

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My goal is to help inspire and teach you, what I learned, through my journey into illustrative artwork and design. You can be the next children’s book illustrator or surface pattern designer. But mainly, just have fun! while using your imagination and creativity. Bring your ideas to life, either through products like children’s books, prints, fabrics and more.

Wishing you all the best, Jennifer Sablan-Andrade